Living off the Land

Yep. It’s true. We planted a garden over the weekend, and we’re going to live off the land. That’s a picture of our garden up there. So, you have your doubts that we’ll make it? Me too. The large rabbit that lives back there might do well. Still, I’m convinced we’ll be able to write a book on how to maximize garden space using the “circle method”. Think about it. Every garden I’ve ever seen is rectangular. Plants are placed in rows. It’d be hard to plow a circle garden, but for those of us not quite advanced enough in our gardening prowess to make use of a plow, I think a circle is a fun alternative.
We bought small tomato, cucumber, strawberry, pepper, and cantaloupe plants. We, and by we I mean my husband, dug out the area in our back yard for our circle garden. Then we, and by we I mean my husband, loosened the soil and added two large bags of good soil and mixed it all in. Then we, yes we, arranged our plants within the circle garden and watered them in. Our neighbor came out, and made fun of our garden. No tomatoes for him.
In my mind, I have visions of luscious strawberries, and juicy tomatoes.
I see salads full of cucumbers and desserts of cantaloupe. All gathered right out my back door from my circle garden. Every day I walk out to my garden and look for progress. The plants seem to love their circle garden. I know it will be weeks and weeks before I am able to reap the fruits of my labor, and by my labor I mean my husband’s labor.
I looked down yesterday, and saw that someone had chewed a couple of holes in my little strawberry plant’s leaves. Gasp! Were those there when I planted them? I turned the leaves over looking for a culprit. Thankfully none was there. (Eeew!) I realize that between the rabbit, pests, and the weather, it will be a miracle if we get to enjoy anything from our garden.
It truly is a miracle that such good things can grow from the ground.
From small seeds come wonderful things. Everything needed to make a sweet strawberry or crunchy cucumber is packed into a tee-niny little package. Under the right conditions, it will germinate and become all it was intended to be. The greatest of all things often start small.
My friend Catherine, and guest blogger last week, shared her thoughts on faith that moves mountains. She wrote about the mustard seed. The Bible teaches that if we have the faith the size of a mustard seed we can move mountains. I’ve often heard folks talk about just not having enough faith for this or that. I think Jesus spoke of the mustard seed and compared it to the mountain to show us that it’s not the amount of faith we have that matters. It’s whether or not we have any at all.
It’s kind of like you’re not a little pregnant.
You’re either pregnant or not. I, thankfully, am not. You either have faith or you don’t. Jesus is perfectly fine with a tiny scrap of faith. He can do great things with that tiny scrap. He’ll nurture it, guard it from pests, and stand back, watch it grow and produce great fruit.
My faith quotient is ever changing. Some days my quotient is high, other days it looks more like a mustard seed. Thankfully it’s not the amount I have, but whom I place my faith in that matters. As I nurture and watch my circle garden grow, I hope to see my faith grow as well. As my plants bear fruit, I hope also to bear the fruit of my faith.
I’d love to hear about your gardens. (Even if yours is a plain old rectangle one.)
Share what you’ve planted, and how you are caring for it. What have you done in the past that worked well or didn’t? Maybe you don’t have a garden, circular or rectangular, but you have some thoughts on faith. Share those here too, pretty please. We can all learn about growing gardens and faith together… but you have to post. What you have to say is important, and it just might help someone else along their journey. Or at least it might save their tomatoes.

One thought on “Living off the Land

  1. Reminds me of that ride at Epcot “the Land”. Hope you have a bountiful harvest! I’ve never planted my garden in a circle. But I usually put out a few tomato plants in pots. It is neat to see things growing. Thanks for relating this subject to our faith growing.

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