You’re Pre-Approved!

Not a week goes by that I am not told at least two or three times that I am “Pre-approved”!
I see that in the message line of an email, and it makes me smile. It makes me feel special. I mean Paypal doesn’t even know me, and yet I have already found favor with them. VISA, Mastercard, and Discover think I’m tops. I get their approval all the time, too. They are forever wanting to give me more and more credit. I’m approved before I even apply! Who ever heard of anything like that? I mean, I wasn’t even seeking their approval and I got it. That’s totally amazing, isn’t it? The last Paypal approval I got even offered me “90 days of Extended Grace”!
It seems I spend so much time seeking the approval of others.
In real life we don’t often get “pre-approved”. Nope. In real life we constantly have to work for the approval of others around us. I recently started a new job at a hospital here in the town where I live. I work in a very specialized area, and a new face stands out. Everywhere I go, I get long skeptical looks and I can tell they are standing back with crossed arms, waiting to give their nod of approval.
My fellow nurses and medical staff aren’t just going to hand it to me based on the initials I have had so nicely embroidered on my newly pressed white lab coat. I have to win them over. “And who are you?” They ask. “Where did you work before?” They want to know. “Have you done this before?” It’s hard work. Those initials just got me in the door. Now I have to strive hard for their approval.
Pre-approval does come with a price.
At some point you have to pay the piper. More credit given now means a bigger day of reckoning later. My “extended grace” from Paypal will come to an end promptly at the close of day ninety. The grace will have run out completely, and if I don’t pay up my approval rating will sink.
Still, pre-approval notices make me smile.
They come without any effort on my part. Oh, I could choose to “opt out” of receiving these notices, but why would I? Sure, it would clean up my inbox, but these notices have begun to serve a real purpose in my life. You see I’ve been pre-approved before. Long before Paypal, Mastercard, or VISA found me, I was pre-approved by the One who fashioned me into being. I have His stamp of approval all over me.
There never was a time that God didn’t know me and love me.
I’ve never once had to prove myself to Him. So when these superfluous emails show up in my inbox, they serve as a reminder of the pre-approval I have from the One who truly matters. He extends His grace to me, and the bill has already been paid. Because of Christ’s sacrifice, my credit is good, and my approval is insured. The same is true of you as well. If God had an actual approval stamp, He’d promptly stamp your forehead for all to see. We can all just stop seeking approval. After all, it’s silly for us to seek something we have had all along.

So what do you think?

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