Quotable Quotes

I truly believe kids say the darnedest things.
My daughter got me to thinking about this today when she said, “I think Harmonica would be a good name for a country. All the people from there would be Harmonicans.” Yep. She’s twelve. And then there was the time my teenage son was teaching my nine-year-old son to throw a Frisbee when we heard him say, “Aim for my head.” Speaking of the nine-year-old, he once asked, “Just how big ARE elephant eggs?”
If you are a parent of a child old enough to put words together, I am sure you have similar quotes, too.
I remember driving to church one Sunday with my four-year-old and my two-year-old in the backseat. Both were crying. I remember yelling, “I can’t drive and listen to both of you crying!” The four-year-old turned to the two-year-old and said, “Ryan, you stop crying, I was crying first!” I just had to smile.
When my niece was a toddler, we were trying to teach her to say where all the adults in her family worked.
Who knows why, except at that age, you still want them to say stuff. It’s cheap entertainment.
We asked her to tell us where her mom worked. Her response was, “Taco Bell”. Her mom actually worked at Bell South, but they went to Taco Bell a lot, so we accepted the answer. When it came to what her minister uncle (my husband) did for a living her eyes lit up because she knew she had this one right. Her response was, “He’s a creature!” Get it? Rhymes with “preacher”? She’s nineteen now, and I still laugh about that one.
Parenting is tough. No doubt. I think that’s why we get these cute little reprieves that remind us why we don’t make them sleep outside. Somehow we can stand quietly and watch them sleeping and quickly forget the struggles of getting through the day.
I’ve heard it’s the simple things in life that matter.
In the midst of hard times economically, environmentally, and politically, and even with our own children, I think these precious moments in our lives are what helps us count it all as joy. These little moments with our kids are fleeting. We can miss them if we’re not paying attention. Go ahead, I know you have some super cute quotes from the “littles” in your life. Post them here, and let’s all grin and count it joy together!

4 thoughts on “Quotable Quotes

  1. oh gosh…don’t know where to start!! 🙂 one of your boys used to call my husband the “boy with the girl hair”…when were studying Mesopotamia this year and the fertile crescent and my 5 year old became enlightened that adam and eve had dark skin like the Mesopotamians she felt the need to educate everyone she met: “did you know adam and eve where black?” delightful conversation starter, lemme tell ya!…that same child talks about how she can’t wait for the new heavens and the new earth to happen because “when Jesus comes (she) won’t fight with her brother and sisters anymore”..to which I reply “could you start practicing now?”my husband is a coupon clipper and bought 10 boxes of raisin bran cereal and when my 10 year old opened the cabinet she asked “why do we have so much raisin brains?”the last one I’ll share comes from me…we are at General Assembly meeting with other pastors and people serving in ministry and in route to worship I told my daughter who was acting exceptionally sinful “Autumn, I’m gonna hurt you…and I’m gonna hurt you good if you don’t straighten up!” I guess saying that makes me somewhat of a kid since my grammar sounded like one as well as my grumpy impatient attitude! (btw we all laughed after I said it and enjoyed the rest of the car ride to worship!)

  2. Bahahahaha! I liked the creature thank you very much! lol! I really said that about Taco Bell I didn’t discover their tasty treats till college when I discovered you could have a feast for $5 which is what I normally only had. I love the elephant eggs! bahahahaha!

  3. My oldest child was quite verbal and his funny statements quickly filled his baby book pages.  One of my favorites came during a visit to grandparents here in Birmingham.  We lived in a very rural area of North Carolina and had no railroad tracks in the county where we lived.  Having grown up here, we thought nothing of them and my husband barely slowed the car to bounce quickly over rough tracks.  From his car seat in the back, our two year old asked, “What did we hit?”  His dad calmly said, “Railroad tracks.”  My child’s response – “Did we kill it?”

  4. Stacey- you are so right.  Someone asked me to do an exercise today.  They asked me to think of the last five winning superbowl teams, the last five nobel prize winners, the last five academy award best actors… yes… I failed the test :).  They then asked me to think of the last five people who had helped me in a difficult situation by saying something kind.  Those words… I remembered and I also remembered the people and it is through them God brought me joy in the midst of sorrow! Great Post

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