Swimming Upstream

I’ve made a few odd decisions in my time.
Okay, for example, I decided to friend only my girlfriends (yep, no men) on Facebook. See? Odd. Already I hear the ruffling of feathers out there. I said it was my odd decision.
If you were to look closely at my friend list on Facebook, you will find the random male person, but on super close inspection you will see that some way or another they are related to me, and are therefore given honorary girlfriend status to prevent possible bruised family feelings. Those are bad.
Most male people that have sent me friend requests through Facebook have taken the news like, well like gentlemen.
The nicest response I got was from a long time friend who responded by saying he didn’t need his name on my Facebook friend list to know I counted him as a friend. How nice. I almost made an exception for him. Almost.
The most surprising response came just recently. He was “shocked” that I couldn’t be friends with men on Facebook. After all, he said, “We are both happily married!” Sheesh. I know, swim against the tide and you’re going to get water up your nose. I tried to kindly express my point of view, but he got crossways with me anyway. (I’m relearning my Alabama colloquialisms...)
My presence on Facebook has been intentional. Initially it was to keep up with my kids who are on there. Hey, a mom’s got to do what a mom’s go to do.
Following that, I was convinced that my presence on Facebook should then be primarily to encourage my girlfriends, and to make and keep connections with women I had lost connection with. I just didn’t feel the need to have those kinds of connections with the male Facebook population. That’s it in a nutshell. It’s a small thing, really.
I don’t wag my finger in the face of those women who friend men on Facebook.
Like I said, this was my odd choice made after feeling convinced in my heart it was what I should do. I’m actually the only oddball I know that’s made this decision.
I’m more often such a willy-nilly kind of person. Unlike my husband, I am rarely all that intentional about the choices I make. But on occasion I’m convinced it’s time to be purposeful, even if it means getting a little water up my nose.
Going against the tide can be tough. It’s easier to go with the flow sometimes than to go with your convictions- especially if your convictions go against the norm.
Ever notice how convictions do that? More often than not, when we are convicted to do or not do something, it either goes against our own personal norms or the norms of society. It’s what makes sticking to our convictions so taxing.
(I just wrote some form of convict six times)
It’s like salmon swimming upstream. Those delicious fish are convinced this must be done. No manner of discussion will convince them otherwise. While all the other fish swim easily on the downstream currents, salmon struggle, fiercely holding to their belief that swimming against the current is necessary. I, for one, am glad they do. For if they didn’t swim up that stream to spawn, there’d soon be no more grilled salmon to be had.
What change is the Lord trying to make in your life?
It has to do with these convictions I’m talking about. It’s when He goes to work chiseling away everything that doesn’t look like Christ in our lives that these convictions come to us. What choice is He prompting you to make? What does He want you to lay down and walk away from? Or what is he prompting you in your heart to pick up and carry? It may mean you have to turn against the tide. But if it’s His prompting, His convincing, He’ll provide the strength you need to swim upstream.

2 thoughts on “Swimming Upstream

  1. Thank you so much, for sharing your choice and your price ( the “shock” of others) – my swimming up-stream is in other areas, but you are SO right – we need to heed His promting to stay fruitful and truly alive ❤

  2. Okay…you are so right…as believers we are often “called” to swim upstream…against the beliefs of the society we live in…sometimes against the “norms” of other believers…sometimes against what most other “Christians” accept as…acceptable.  The bottom line is that we are called to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in our hearts according to the truth found in the Word of God.  Society does not teach us that and unfortunately at times church does not either.  We must learn this by forming relationship with Christ ourselves and being willing to swim upstream when called to do so.  Keep swimming my friend…

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