Giving Thanks

It’s a glorious Thanksgiving Day here. I’m not talking about the weather. I haven’t even looked outside yet. But in my heart, where I think Thanksgiving really is, it is glorious.

Last night at church, our pastor asked us to write a thank you note to God. He even gave us paper and the time to do it. It’s not always natural for us to have a heart of thankfulness in our lives. So many times we think we haven’t gotten what we deserve. Mostly, in reality, that’s probably a good thing.

So I’m going to share my thank you note with you here. I found that actually writing my thoughts down, (rather than just thinking them in my head) putting real pen to real paper forced me to dig deep, and I found that I ran out of room on the paper I had been given to write all that I am thankful for. I hope that maybe you, too, will find a piece of paper and a pen today and write a thank you note to God for all He’s done for you.

Dear God,

I thank you for my life. The breath that I breathe. Each new day you give to me. Thank you for loving me with a passionate love and for giving me a savior in your son. Thank you for knowing I would need him.

Thank you for giving me a most excellent partner in life, and for the blessing of children. Thank you for the joy and riches they bring to my life. Thanks so much for my family and sweet friends. Thank you for a happy home where you are in our midst.

Thank you for never leaving me, and helping me to see your hand in my life when I thought it wasn’t there. Thank you for the great life challenges of this last year and how you are making all things right once more. Thank you for placing Matthew in a holy place of ministry again, and for giving me work that I love.

Thanks for the passion to write about how you speak to me. Thank you for speaking to me.

Thank you for kittens, chocolate, hugs, and laughter. Thank you for the promises of faith, hope, and love.

Help me to chase after you all of my life with a heart of thanksgiving.

I love you,

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