What a Difference a Year Makes

It’s true, isn’t it? Just think back to this time last year in your own life. Are you where you thought you’d be, doing what you thought you’d be doing?

I look back over this last year and this year, more than any other, brought so much change to our family. This time last year we were moving our family back to Alabama. I don’t particularly recommend moving a week before Christmas, but we did it. We needed change, and we needed it right then.

The word “flee” comes to mind when I think of that move. Yet, we made the mistake of thinking that the decision to move would make all things right again that were wrong in our lives. It was a good first step, but it didn’t bring all the peace we were hoping it would. After all, neither Matthew nor I had jobs to go to. We were close to family again, but we had no idea what we would do to support our kids. It took months for all things to fall into place, and even now we wait for some things.

Yet, I now have a wonderful job in the field of nursing that I am trained for, Matthew has just entered back into a vibrant ministry position with a fantastic church here, and our kids seem to be adjusting to living in the Deep South and all that entails. Now as I look back over the year and see all that God has brought us through, I am reminded of something our pastor recently shared. We can spend our whole lives looking for peace. Peace in our homes, peace in our relationships, and even peace in our own hearts and minds. At this time of year we think a lot about peace on Earth. We think that was what Jesus came for, to bring peace on Earth. But did you know the Bible never says that? Not anywhere. Jesus actually said he did not come to bring peace on earth. (Matthew 10:34-36) Rather, Jesus came so that in the midst of all of the turmoil around us, we can still have peace within us.

Christ came as the Prince of Peace. He, himself, is peace itself.

I truly abhor church marquee signs. Really I do. Mostly I think they hold shallow little sayings that someone thought was clever, but aren’t really. I can think of one right now, however, that while it is corny to the core, admittedly is true. I saw this once on a church marquee sign:


See? Terribly corny, but really true.

So you can move across the country in search of it, but if you don’t know Him, you won’t have it. The Bible says,

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests.” Luke 2:14.

Peace is not in a place, a job, or a relationship. Peace is found in Christ Jesus alone. So while we may not have peace on earth this Christmas season, we can have peace within us if we truly know the One who is peace. Find God’s favor this Christmas season, and you will find the peace you are looking for. Open your heart to a real and vibrant relationship with Christ and his favor will be all over you… Peace out, and Merry Christmas!

One thought on “What a Difference a Year Makes

  1. Aren’t church marquees just the worst? But I have to agree with that one. THanks for the reminder… He is peace, isnt he?

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