Balancing Act

I believe and trust in God for all things. I do. It’s just that its easier to say that when things appear to be going my way. It gets monumentally harder to hold to that position when things go haywire. When things are going to heck in a hand basket it is tempting to take control of things myself. (As if!)

I am trying to do better. As I hand more and more of my stuff over to Him to manage I find that my life gets easier and easier. But there’s a fine line in all this trusting in God for all things philosophy. I mean, how much, then, am I responsible for? Where exactly to my efforts cross the line into completely taking over?

I don’t think we are to sit and wring our hands always waiting for God to swoop down and save us from our situations. At the same time, if we jump in over our heads it likely won’t end well for us.

I think that’s where wisdom comes in. We may have lots of knowledge, but if we lack wisdom we will continue to struggle with this issue. Situations constantly arise that demand our attention; action from us even. But we must remember to let Him lead us as we go. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

I can see down the road of my life just a little ways right now, and there is potential for things to get a little haywire. For things to pan out in the way that I hope they will, He’s got lots to work out. I will confess that I am praying for extra measures of wisdom right now. Having lots of knowledge is really useless if I lack wisdom. I want to make wise choices and watch while I trust God in these things.

I feel a bit like a gymnast up on a balance beam. I tried that once or twice years ago. I hope it ends better this time!

I remember back in elementary school, at least once every year our gym teacher would haul out the gymnastic equipment and force us all to give it a try. Uneven bars, vaulting horse, balance beam and mats. Thank God for the mats. The sight of that gymnastic equipment always struck fear in my heart and mind. I looked at it out on the gym floor and thought, “Now this is gonna hurt.” I suppose our gym teacher hoped against hope to discover the next Nadia Comăneci. I knew I was just going to bring to mind visions of Lucille Ball up there on that balance beam. I lacked the abilities required. (And the courage.)

Life is often a balancing act though. And life doesn’t always come with those nice thick mats to fall on. It tends to hurt when we fall. But fear of falling can paralyze a person, so I don’t want that. Rushing ahead of God can be disastrous, so I don’t want that either. It takes balance, and wisdom to follow, not lead.

But that means a willingness to give up what I want for what He wants for me. It also means being willing to be satisfied with the outcome. Whatever that is.

So what do you think?

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