How Are You Doing?

How are you doing? It’s just a question. As I pass people in the hallways at work I ask it of total strangers. They ask it of me. At the grocery store as I put my groceries on the conveyer the cashier says, “How you doin’?”

But sometimes you are asked that question and it means more. It depends on the person asking. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred when I am asked “How are you doing?” I give a quick “Fine!” or “Great!” and move on. Why? Because ninety-nine out of a hundred time that’s really the answer that the person is wanting.

I understand that the cashier at the Publix is not really interested in the cares of my life. The stranger I pass in the hallway at work probably doesn’t have time for me to really tell them all that is going on in my life on any given day. And why would I? What vested interest do they have in my life?

But then there are those few precious people who ask it and you just know. They really don’t want to hear “Fine.” or “Great”. You can see it in their eyes. Either that or they’ve got an eyelash or something. Either way, you launch into how you really are.

My sister-in –law is here for a precious few days. I’ve not actually laid eyes on her face in person in nearly two years. We live fourteen hours apart and in all honesty it’s a world away. So late in the evening, with kids all distracted with Marmaduke, we sat at the kitchen table and she asked.

“So, how are you?”

There it was. Because I know her, I knew she meant it. She really wanted to know. At least I hope she did, because I told her. Fortunately things are really great now, and I was able to share with her how God has really put things right in my life and in the lives of my family members over the last year. I got to share of His goodness and His grace…of new adventures in ministry and more.

And she listened. And she cared. And then it was her turn. I asked, and I cared, too.

So who is it for you? Who is it that cares how you are doing….really doing? You may find that at times you avoid that person and that question. Sometimes you’d rather not hash out how you are really doing. Sometimes how you are really doing is too painful to bring up. No way can it get fixed in one conversation with a great friend. But let me tell you… it’s a great start.

I am thankful for the few people in my life that mean it when they ask. Those are the people who are willing to walk the path with me as much as they can. They are willing to help me carry the burdens I bear and they are gifts straight from God.

Think about those people in your life. Thank God for them. I’m cutting short my blog today… like I said, I’ve not seen her in almost two years. I’m going to hang out with her some today, tell her how I’m really doing… Let her do the same…

So what do you think?

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