All A-Twitter

It’s a frustrating day when someone who likes to write can come up with nothing to say. I am rarely at a loss for words. It happened once this week. I shouldn’t even bring it up because I have no intention of telling you THAT story. It’s not that I don’t think I can trust you with the story, its just that it’s not really mine to tell yet. I hope to one day tell you that story, but I am supremely hopeful that it is not yet finished and that the conclusion to the story will be quite a wonderful God thing to behold.

In the meantime, I can tell you another story having to do with having nothing to say. Yes. I am about to write a blog about having nothing to say. I can just feel your excitement now.

After several months of watching my sons and my husband partake of Twitter, I succumbed to the pull of setting up my own Twitter account. I do like the whole concept of throwing out random thoughts or information to be disseminated quickly. It’s certainly a different venue than Facebook.

Mostly I enjoy seeing what my two teenage sons throw out there. That is until my oldest son threw out there one day the fact that my house was a mess and that it smelled of pancakes and syrup. I didn’t so much mind his Twitter world knowing that my house smelled of breakfast, but telling the world that my house was a mess might surely prevent my home from ever being featured in Home and Garden Magazine. I insisted on a retraction.

I have enjoyed my Twitter account. I have been selective in who I follow. I have limited it, in addition to my husband and kids, to people who encourage and inspire. Not that my kids and my husband don’t inspire, they do, but others also have to meet a pretty high standard. I don’t want to hear what people ate for breakfast or that they are sitting in the carpool line at the elementary school. When I pull up my Twitter account, I want to be happy with how I spent those few moments.

I can count on my Pastor quoting his favorite verse from the One Year Bible for that day. Andy Stanley usually tweets something relevant for leaders or re-tweets something he found inspiring.

I’m not looking for everyday stuff. I have Facebook for that.

Now. Because I hold to this view of Twitter, and while I have had my account now for a couple of months, I have yet to tweet anything. This is for two reasons. First, I want to tweet things that have meaning, and I want my first tweet to set that tone. If I can’t be inspiring, at least I want to be amusing. This has put quite a bit of pressure on me. I have nothing yet to say that seems “first tweet worthy”.

Second, to date, the only people following me on twitter are my two oldest sons and my husband. Oh, I take that back. My great friend and once guest blogger, Catherine from Charlotte, started following me today. So. Four people will see this first tweet.

What if no one else decides to follow me? Now I am back in fourth grade and fearful that no one will choose me to play on his or her kickball team.

I’m not sure how to resolve these issues.
Perhaps I can petition people to follow me on Twitter. That would solve problem number two. That still leaves the issue of problem number one. What to tweet?

I will have to work on that one. But I am planning to take the dive sometime this week. I’m just going to do it. I’m going to walk out to the edge and I am going to jump. It’s going to be 140 characters or less of…. something. Hopefully it will be inspiring, encouraging, or amusing. With any luck it will be all three.

In the meantime, if you have a Twitter account I would like to invite you to follow me. I will follow you back. Just please don’t tell me what you are eating or that you are stuck somewhere in traffic. Deal?

Also- Whom are you following that brings you a smile, or inspires you with their tweets? Share them with me here. I need some inspiration. Really I do.

Then you can find me on Twitter at: @staceygbenson.

So what do you think?

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