Skinny Koreans

“Got me some skinny KOREANS!” Yes, that was the text I sent to my daughter the other day. Never mind she was in school and as a parent I’m not supposed to do that. But after weeks of pestering me to get some, I just had to let her know I had. She is my self-appointed fashion consultant. After sending the text, I looked down at my phone to read it. (I realize now that this is the wrong order of doing things.) When I saw what I had sent, I laughed out loud in the parking lot of the JCPenney store where I had just bought my first pair of Levis skinny JEANS! The auto correct on my phone changed what I had intended to say, to something that made more sense to it.

My daughter and I have laughed about skinny Koreans for several days now. It is funny. I do get tired of my “smart” phone adjusting my text messages to things I never intended to say. It’s amazing how one small adjustment can change the whole message.

Has anyone ever misquoted you? It’s pretty frustrating when it happens. I can remember years ago, my husband was interviewed for the newspaper. They were doing a series on local pastors and set up this interview with him. We were so excited to see it in the paper. The next week, there, along with his picture, was the interview in print. Then we read it. It was okay, but even though what Matthew said was in quotations, it wasn’t what he had said to the reporter at all. It wasn’t even close. She had changed it to something she thought sounded better. Except it didn’t. It wasn’t a big deal, but it was the last time my husband agreed to be interviewed.

My kids can be pretty good at misquoting me, too. More than once when my kids have wanted to do something, I have over heard their conversations with their dad go something like this:

Dad will ask, “What did your mother say?” Then they will launch into their version of what I said. To which I fly into the room saying, “If you are going to quote me, get it right. I actually said…”

Communication is key. Both the giving and receiving of information correctly is paramount to a great relationship. More often than not, when a relationship between people goes south, it started with a breakdown in communication.

The Bible is God’s first and best communication to us, yet so many of us don’t even know what it says. My husband gets frustrated when he sends me a text or an email and finds out later that I have not read it. He sent me what he considered important information, but I didn’t receive it even though it was right there for me. The same is true of scripture.

In this day and age of technology, we are without excuse when it comes to access to the scriptures. They are as readily available as anything else. In a matter of seconds, I can pull up any verse in the Bible, in any number of translations, on my phone with just a few clicks of a button.

God has a clear message for us today and everyday. He never sends us a message that is altered or incorrect in any way. (No skinny KOREANS!) What’s His message for you today? Unsure of where to start? Let me make a suggestion. It’s the “One-year Bible”. You can Google it, or use this link from Church of the Highlands. In a year’s time you will have read the entire Bible, a little bit every day. So I’ll ask you again, What’s God’s message for you today? Go on… go see.

So what do you think?

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