Cheesy T-shirt Love

This has been a great week to be married. At least for me. Valentine’s Day was a sweet time of getting away together with Matthew, and being just the two of us again… although we did spend quite a bit of time talking about our kids. Go figure. This weekend was the annual Ignite Marriage Conference at our church where Jimmy Evans, from Marriage Today, came to Church of the Highlands to lead us into more healthy marriages. So yes, this week I am loving being married. It’s not that I don’t usually, but I really do this week.

My daughter was relegated to the house to watch after my youngest son during the conference. She saw this as an opportunity to cut a deal with me. I don’t pay her for babysitting her brother. That’s just part of being a family. Sometimes you have to step up and tend to the littlest. So what was the deal? In exchange for her babysitting duties, she wanted a t-shirt from the conference. I told her they were marriage t-shirts. “You’re not married.” I pointed out. But she had seen the t-shirts in the church bookstore and picked out one that said, “Indestructible” she liked. Okay. It was talking about marriage, but I agreed to get her the shirt.

As I perused the shirts on sale at the conference, I noticed some really cheesy ones. They had ones that said, “I love my husband” in pink as well as “I love my wife” in blue. While I do love my husband, I couldn’t see wearing a shirt that said so. But it did cross my mind to buy one for my daughter. I thought it would be funny. I ended up getting her the one that she had asked for.

But the thought continued to nag at me. What if I had gotten her that shirt? The cheesy one. No, she’s not married. She’s only fourteen. She’s not even dating yet, and if her dad has anything to say about it, and he does, she won’t for a long time to come. But what would be so wrong with the idea of her proclaiming her love for her husband? I don’t know who he is, and neither does she, but the Lord does. To pray for him now? To prepare her heart to love him now? What if she actually began to love him now? What would be wrong with that?

I have prayed for my kid’s future spouses for a long time now. The older they get the more specific my prayers become. My kids are all unique personalities and they will all need very different spouses to live out life with. I pray for each of my sons’ wives to love Jesus with their whole heart, and to love my sons with an outpouring of that love. I pray that my daughter’s husband be a man after God’s own heart and that he both cherishes and nurtures her. I pray for the homes they grow up in. I pray that their hearts are guarded and that they remain pure in body and spirit.

So maybe I should have gone with the cheesy shirt for her. With half of all marriages in the US ending in divorce, it couldn’t hurt for her to begin readying her heart now to love her husband. Who knows, maybe if she does, he’ll have an easier time getting past her dad. And maybe if she does, she’ll love being married one day as much as I do.

One thought on “Cheesy T-shirt Love

  1. You are so very gifted in putting your observations and feelings onto paper! This is precious – as are all of your blogs. Speaking from experience, you and Matt will reap a huge harvest from all these prayers for those future in-law spouses. My girls are married to precious, Godly men, whom I love and like, and I began praying for these guys when they were only toddlers themselves! The Lord! I’m so happy for you guys that you had a great week…and thanks for putting your thoughts down for the rest of us to digest! xoxo

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