All Things New

Behold, I am making all things new. Revelation 21:5

Spring has sort of tip-toed in on us this year here in the Deep South. We hardly had a winter to speak of, but spring officially came to town on March 20th of this last week. Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. I know I tend to blog about this every year, but it’s something that can stand to be repeated, I think. I can find no greater evidence of God’s handiwork in our world than at springtime.

Trees that stand bare and dead looking all winter, as if on cue (I believe on cue), begin sprouting green foliage and filling in all the dead space. Animals that have been hiding away from the cold come back and fill my backyard with activity. I stood this week and watched a little squirrel finding nuts and burying them each in the ground for later. I wondered how he would ever remember where he put them all.

When Springtime comes around I picture in my mind that God is like a orchestra conductor who has stepped up to the podium, has tapped his wand on the music stand, raised his arms, and with a final breath and upbeat, begins it all again with the down beat swing of his arms.

Spring reminds me that God is able to make beautiful things from the dust. One of my favorite songs is “Beautiful Things” by Gungor. It talks of spring, but it also talks of how God can take what is dead in us and bring forth new life. No matter what we’ve done, where we’ve been. No matter what anyone else thinks of us, He can make us beautiful.

This week we’ll celebrate Easter. I love that we celebrate Easter at springtime. I found new life in Christ because He rose from the grave and offered it to me. Just like a seemingly dead tree during winter, I stood there with nothing to offer Him. Nothing beautiful, nothing worthy. But He, who is alone worthy, took upon Himself my punishment so that I could be made new. Because of Him, I have worth.

All that we are, all that we ever hope to be, resides in our faith in the One who steps up to the podium, raises His arms and begins the beat of our lives once again, but this time our tempo, our rhythm are His. Anything beautiful that we are, any good we can offer comes to us from His hand.

Happy Spring, everyone!

And a joyous, roof raising, celebratory Easter!

I know I’ve posted this song before… but I just love it so much and it speaks to me now…


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