My Name is Stacey, and I Have Issues

I’m a bit of a scatterbrain. Those who know me best know this is quite a true statement. I like to say it is part of my charm, but even that falls on deaf ears sometimes. It’s not that I enjoy being a scatterbrain, I would much rather be organized, intentional, and mindful of all things. I have no explanation for my lack of those tendencies. I was raised in an orderly home with parents who had those qualities. It’s apparently in my DNA, somewhere, unless those are qualities that have a tendency to skip a generation.

The only explanation I can come up with is that the Lord has made me a scatterbrain in order to keep me humble. I cannot boast in myself. I need too much assistance to do that. I am no self-made woman. All that I have, and everything that I am, is a result of His work in me.

The Lord has made each of us with an intended purpose in mind. We can look around at the people close to us and admire their qualities, but they are called to a different purpose and have been thusly gifted. For example, my husband has never lived a scatterbrained day in his life. I have never known a more intentional, organized or mindful person in my life. I am not sure what he did in his early life to warrant being married to a scatterbrain, but it must have been something big. I will say that he has had to learn great patience and kindness in his life sentence with me.

For instance, I locked my keys in the car yesterday. I have a fairly reasonable explanation for how I managed this, but the bottom line is, that I did it. So I called my husband. I didn’t want to, but when you are married to reasonable, organized, and mindful that’s whom you call. When he answered the phone and heard my dilemma, he didn’t miss a beat. He was not surprised in the least that I had done this thing. There was no scolding, no ridicule. Just his reasonable solution.

I can have extended periods of time where I appear to have it all together. I can even begin to become impressed with myself. I start thinking that I have turned some sort of corner in my life and have dug deep and pulled up those qualities I am sure are down deep inside that would allow me to live an organized and predicable life. And then I discover that I have left a black ink pen in the pocket of my lab coat, which has exploded in the dryer and ruined a whole load of clothes. And while I stand there bemoaning the fact that I have just rendered perfectly good clothes to the ragbag, I manage to burn the yeast rolls I have in the oven for dinner.

And I am once again reminded that if it were not for the grace of God I would be nothing, and that even with His grace I leave a lot to be desired. Whether our issue is being a scatterbrain, anger, obsession, fear, insecurity, or a host of other issues, we can rest assured that we were made for a purpose and with a plan in mind. Even Paul had his “thorn in the flesh”. We can, and should, work on our issues. Even if it is just to benefit the poor people who have to live with us. But we can also be comforted that God knew what He was doing when He made us, and He didn’t mess up. He has a plan, and He’s not done with us yet.

So what do you think?

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