It’s Swimsuit Buying Time Again…

Well, it’s that time of year, once again. It’s swimsuit buying time. I’m not a fan of winter, but wintertime is easy on one’s ego. You can hide quite a bit of fluff under a sweater, or a cute coat or scarf. But when you put on a swimsuit, there’s no more hiding… anything.

I’d be fine with not even having a swimsuit except that I have plans to go to Mexico this summer where it’s all swimsuits all the time. I could say that I won’t see anyone I know there south of the border, so who cares… except I’ll be traveling with my husband’s extended family. They know me. Oh, they love me, lumps and all, (at least that’s what they tell me) but still, I do have my pride and all.

It’s dreadful really, the whole swimsuit trying on thing at the store. I loathe it so much that for several years I refused to do it at all and ordered my suits online. That way, I didn’t even have to shop for it in public, I could try them on in the privacy of my own bathroom, and no one could over hear my moans and groans. Not to mention the sounds I made AFTER I get the thing on and took a look see in the mirror.

You see, all winter I fool everyone else, and myself, too, that I’m in pretty good shape for the shape I’m in. But the day of reckoning comes when I am forced to put that swimsuit on. All the things that sag, well, sag. All those lumps and bumps push out from underneath straining spandex and lycra, and I am forced once again to see that this girl ain’t what she once was.

Now, I know full well that I will travel to the beach and see other women who have fully embraced their post baby bodies. Their after thirty-five physique. They will parade around in string bikinis that will make me think, “Oh wow… did she look in a mirror?” I will quickly avert my eyes from the shocking sight, but inside I will secretly admire her willingness to accept the facts as they are. I will wish she had covered up some of those facts, but still, I will admire her devil may care attitude.

The truth is, I’m not getting any younger. It is also the truth that gravity is a tireless adversary. It is further true that I love donuts, cupcakes, M&Ms, and all things chocolate. And I am not a fan of exercise. So all that being said, this body I have is probably as good as it gets from here on out. And while I promise not to shock Mexico or my family with a string bikini, I will have to find a suitable suit to splash around in. It will be painful, unpleasant and it will reveal some definite truths about myself that the rest of the year stay safely tucked away.

But that’s the thing about truths. They can only stay tucked away for so long until they rear their truthful heads. We aren’t always fans of the truth, but Jesus knew something about it. It does set us free. So here’s a bit of truth for all you ladies who hate swimsuit buying time as much as I do. You are beautiful. You are what you are because God made you that person. You might have eaten a few too many Twinkies in your time, and skipped going to the gym more often than you actually went, but that doesn’t change the way God sees you. In His eyes, you are beautiful… just the way you are. Nothing you can do will ever make Him love you less, or love you more. You are the apple of His eye, the spring in His holy step. And in the end, only His opinion really matters.That’s the truth.

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