Pushing the Pause Button

Don’t hate me because I am blogging from an all inclusive resort in Cancun, Mexico. I wish that you could be here. Truly, I do. We arrived yesterday afternoon. The road to the resort made us wonder, though. It made us wonder if our driver was going to finally stop and say, “Dees es de end of de line. Ju must take jour bags and walk from heer.” But no, he pushed through the pot holes filled with water, and snaked through overflowing gorges to deliver us to paradise. Reminded me a bit of the Christian’s road to heaven!

Our family has been looking forward to this trip for months. We are blessed to come with my husband’s extended family and spend some much overdue time together. If I am completely honest, I have been looking forward most to the food. You can eat 24/7. My eleven year old just ordered pizza and fries from room service at four in the afternoon. I’m going with the idea that food cooked in paradise is calorie free.

My two younger children are in an adjoining room next to my husband and me. About eight last night there was a knock on the door by someone from room service. He wanted to leave my children a bottle of Tequila. These two kids are eleven and fourteen. I tried to explain that we didn’t want the Tequila, that there were children staying in that room who didn’t drink alcohol. When English wasn’t working, I tried out my Spanish and said, “Los ninos estan aqui.” He seemed to understand, sort of, (could have been the Alabama accent) but it appeared to pose quite a problem for him. He asked me, “Are you sure?” I was unclear if he was asking me if I was sure of their ages or sure that they didn’t drink alcohol. It really didn’t matter, I was sure on both accounts. I said, “I’m sure.” Still scratching his head, he wrote it down on a scrap of paper that I had refused his offer and moved on. I supposed there aren’t too many who refuse a free bottle of Tequila here.

Next in line to food, I love the fact that I have nowhere that I have to be. Except to dinner at 6:30. The rest of my day is free from plans, schedules, and requirements. We are only required to enjoy our lovely surroundings and the company of family we rarely get to see. My husband’s sister and her husband work in ministry, too, so it’s nice to compare notes. Altogether we have eight kids, so it’s nice to see them reconnecting. The grandparents really like that!

We have pushed the pause button on life for the week. All the things that normally occupy our minds and bodies have been set aside. We are focusing on relationships this week. No pressing work schedules or demands. No lessons, appointments, or obligations. Nothing. Just time. Together. And it just happens to be happening in paradise.

Whether or not you can get away to paradise for a week, it’s good to push the pause button on life for a few days. Step away from all the things that weigh on you, and shift your focus. Sometimes when you get back to the routine, you’ll find the routine is all the better for it. And you? You are, too.

So what do you think?

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