Celebrating the Fourth Abroad

I celebrated Independence Day yesterday in another country. Talk about weird. No one was celebrating our American freedom in Mexico. As a matter of fact, apparently Mexico just elected a new president that will likely take freedoms away from the Mexican people. At least that is the opinion of our Mexican waiter at breakfast. He stopped short of calling the new president’s political party dictatorial.

I love being an American. I love having the freedom to speak my mind publicly about government without fear of retribution. I can rail on the President without going to jail. I shouldn’t, but I can. Our country is evolving, changing. Some think for the better and some fear for the worse. Some blame the decline of the family, some blame greed. Many feel that our country is on a collision course with destruction for multiple reasons. I’m not a social analyst even on my brightest day, but I think if we were to look at America as if she were one person rather than millions of individuals, we might recommend she seek some counseling. As countries go, she is still young and immature. What advise should she take from her elders?

Well for starters, relationships are key. (The most important one being with her Creator.) All other relationships stem from, and are dependent upon, that one. Without that most important relationship, you would not have been born. Without it now, your survival is not likely.

Do not replace that most important relationship with anyone or anything else. Even one’s own selfish desires can get in the way of that relationship.

Do not say publicly that He is your friend, when personally you behave as if He is not. You cannot say “One country under God” and “in God we trust” if they are mere platitudes with no meaning.

Remember to take time to honor that most important friendship. Relationships need quality, appointed time for continued growth and meaning.

Take care to remember the ones who have gone before you. Honor them for what they have sacrificed for you and provided for you.

Do not desire to take from someone else that which is not yours to have. Envy and greed are not your friends. Contentment is. Be always slow to anger and quick to forgive. Do not harm the very ones you promised to love. Protect the weak.

Be honest in all of your dealings. Above board and trustworthy. Never compromise your character.

Youngsters make mistakes. They all have growing pains. But there is a recipe for success for our young America. If she will humble herself and pray, His hand will be upon her. She will be made well, powerful, even.

The Church, who is her very heart, must lead the way for her. Real change always has to start with the heart. We celebrate our Independence and freedom, but we still must embrace our dependence upon our God. May He never remove His hand from our young America.

So what do you think?

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