Chick-fil-a Appreciation Day… Skip it

I’m posting my Wednesday blog on Tuesday because I wanted to ask all of my Christian friends not to eat at Chick-fil-a tomorrow. That’s not a typo. I would like for you to avoid Chick-fil-a Day tomorrow. In case you haven’t heard, (and if you haven’t, where have you been?) tomorrow has been dubbed by former governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee, as Chick-fil-a Appreciation Day. Normally, since I have two kids who work there, I’d be all for a Chick-fil-a Appreciation Day, but under the circumstances, not so much.

The company’s president recently, and very publically, made his opinion of same sex marriage known. Mr. Cathy believes in the Biblical truths about marriage. I do, too. If you have an issue with the current definition of marriage, perhaps you should take it up with the One who created and defined it in the first place. Go ahead. I will stand way…. over…. …here.

And in the words of Andy Stanley, “Most of the people who have a problem with traditional marriage came into this world as a result of one.” The man has a point.

I support Mr. Cathy’s right to speak his opinion. I do not support the motivation that has birthed CFA Day. I love the church, but sometimes well-meaning members of the body get it wrong. So many are all about boycotting this company or that one based on ideas or organizations they support that oppose long held religious beliefs they have. Get them in the wallet, right? Make them feel it in their bank account, and maybe they’ll change their practices. (Insert crossed arms and a huff here.)

This time those Christians who support CFA Day tomorrow are doing so in order to stick it to the ones who have come out against what Mr. Cathy said. It’s all about making a statement. I’m not sure that’s the statement Scripture would have us make.

As the church, we should try to avoid doing things that will further separate us from those we are supposed to be reaching with the love of Christ. Why should we expect non-Christians to behave like believers? Why are we always wagging our finger in the faces of non-believers? Is it an attempt to elevate ourselves? The only people Jesus ever wagged his finger at were holier-than-thou religious folks. Sinners? Now sinners, he met for dinner. The only time Jesus ever lost His temper was at church. Even then, the church was getting it wrong.

We aren’t supposed to get “them” in their wallets. We are supposed to get them in their hearts. Supporting CFA Day tomorrow will only serve to shake a wagging finger of judgment in their faces. We may not like their views; we may not like what they are saying about CFA or its president and his views (or his right to say what he said), but its “them” we are called to love. While we never want to compromise our Biblical beliefs, neither do we want to alienate those we are so desperately trying to reach. It is not an either/or. It never is.

My son has to work tomorrow. I am sure he will be drowning in all the piety. I’m pretty sure even Jesus wouldn’t eat at Chick-fil-a tomorrow. Why would He? Jesus would be with the downtrodden, broken, and hurting. Jesus would be having lunch with a lost person drowning in their sin and offering them grace. Just ask Zacchaeus.

CFA Day will only serve to put a wider wedge between the church and those we are charged with loving. And yes, we are charged with loving the gay community. So you want to make a point? You want to see change? Then pray. And love. And reach out. See God change hearts, because in the end, He is the only one who can.

And go have Chick-fil-a on Thursday. Twice. My kids need the money.

12 thoughts on “Chick-fil-a Appreciation Day… Skip it

  1. YES! Thank you for posting this Stacey. As unpopular as this opinion may be, I feel the same way. My son works at Chick-fil-A as well and he has anxiety about working this week with all the varied opinions and heated emotions. Friday is “kiss-in” day. Wouldn’t that be a a greater opportunity for ministry? (if that indeed is what we seek) Sure we have great facebook photo ops today, but are lives being changed? Are we leading people to Christ or alienating them?

  2. Thank you!!! What a great post. I believe that the best way we can lead others is through example- by having a life so rich and full of love and zest that others watching us say: ‘I want what you have- whatever makes you so happy and loving and glorious, I WANT THAT MY LIFE.’ People don’t change their lives because a finger was waggled in their face. They change because they see something better and want that better-ness for themselves.

  3. I’m gay, but I also grew up in the church, and this seems to be the most sensible thing said about this issue. I have tried telling others myself, to step back and imagine what this looks like.

  4. I do agree with his stand against gay marriage because that’s what God’s Word says. I choose to stand with God’s Word on every issue. However i went and supported CFA on Tuesday because I feel my freedom of speech is being trodden down by liberal big government in the day and time in which we live. I also see where you’re coming from as far as being loving and not expecting non-believers to act like believers, however, how are we to make a statement? Quietly? And let people tread all over us? I think not! Just because I am a Christian doesn’t mean that I must be meek and sheeply and allow others to push me around because I “love them and have patience”. I must be kind but also allow my statement to be made. I would never be directly ugly to a “sinner” but the truth even in love is not always well received. I went to CFA to support capitalism, freedom of speech and to promote a business I have confidence in. We have already lost enough freedom in this country it’s a shame to lose any more.

    1. I did support CFA day, but not to “stick it to the ones who came out after what Mr. Cathy said”. Just because one stands up for the truth and supports others that do too, doesn’t mean there is hate on the other end. I really don’t know why the question was asked to Mr. cathy any way? He is a fast food restaurant business man. Why did he get dragged into this? Culturally, Bible believers should stand with God’s word. I am shocked at the ones who believe in marriage as “God ordained it” didnt support their fellow believer, Mr. Cathy and his fast food chains. He is also keeps the Sabbath Holy by closing on Sunday. Praise the Lord! Amen? It took a BIG man to speak up for Biblical standards in a day when it is not so popular. He took a BIG risk – financially – as well as being publically scorned. Is it not enough that whole cities are boycotting Chick Filet that a fellow believer has to too? Talk about adding insult to injury??? His fear of God is evident in all this. I find that very commendable! I believe it was the least I could do for sticking his neck and answering the interviewer truthfully. I dont recall hin saying anything about hate or sticking it to somebody? I supported CFA for Mr. Cathy a fellow believer who was receiving false accusations. It was not a hate statement as your blog infers.

    2. Crystal, It is often hard to know what to do in times like these. But I think we have to remember, that as Christians, we are citizens of heaven first, and of America second. Having meekness is not synonymous with weakness. It actually takes great strength to maintain the meekness spoken of in scripture. Our dual citizenship is often a difficult place to find ourselves. Thanks for your response and for reading my post.

      1. Jan,
        Thanks for your response, even though you feel differently from me. I do understand where you are coming from. Mr. Cathy did step out and speak truth. He was not afraid to acknowledge God before men, and because of that Jesus is now acknowledging him before the Father. That is his real reward. This is something I think Mr. Cathy understands. And perhaps for you, there was no animosity intended by your visit to Chickfila in support of Mr Cathy and his right to free speech, but I do sense quite a bit of passion in your response. I do appreciate your honesty, and even more your willing to read my little blog.
        Grace and peace,

  5. #1 Why did they ask this question?
    #2 What are they ultimately after our free speech rights or a different agenda altogether?
    #3 Why do we feel the need to answer them on their terms?
    #4 Is my response going to bring out the best in the situation?

    Answer 1: They asked this question in a public areana to get the Chick Fil A business man to self incriminate and create a spectacle.

    Answer 2: They are using the public platform and the public insult of his free speech to see if he will react and publicly humiliate himself so they can use it for the purpose of making him look like he hates the gay community!

    Answer #3 Today is the kissin in day at Chick Fil A. They planned it out from the very beginning. In order to do this they had to first have us the Christians self incriminate our selves by publically getting us to respond so that they could then turn it around and and use it against us WE PLAYED IT OUT IN SPADES they got us real good to our shame and lack of sharp whit and spiritual wisdom.

    Answer#4 Now that we can see the plot and ruthless evil in their plan we now know how to respond. If I was the owner of Chick Fil A I would answer this way ” Lets be very clear here I am a married man and I love my wife and I love gay people as well if you are gay come to Chick Fil A tomorrow and get a 20% off discount on any meal we have. Everyone is welcome at our restaurant.” This would have totally spoiled their plans and at the same made it useless for them to use this to challenge our free speech rights. We would have kept gays coming to Chick Fil A with the open arms of Jesus and protected free speech at the same time. Wow! imagine that!

    1. I’m liking number four! I think that would have been a great “Kingdom” response. As Christians in America we have a dual citizenship. We must learn to see the temporal through eternal eyes. The Adversary is smart but our God is smarter. Jumping on quick bandwagons is rarely the right answer. We must think, and prayerfully consider what our response will be to challenges to the faith. Eternity hangs in the balance, right? Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to this post.

      Grace and peace,

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