Choose First Your King, Then Your President

In less than two weeks I will travel with my family to Orlando, Florida. Yes. We are going to Disney World. You can say what you want about the place, it won’t be our first trip to see Mickey Mouse and his friends. The Bensons have a long history with Disney. Matthew and I were engaged there. Right outside Pirates of the Caribbean. I kid you not. Then we returned to spend our honeymoon there. Since that time, we have returned several times as our children came along.

It’s not that we have a thing for Mickey, or even all things Disney. We have a thing for what happens there, in that place. We step out of our world and into a completely different one. A world of pure imagination. It truly is a magical place. It’s a place where our family can experience pure unadulterated joy together. I can’t wait to go back. It might very well be our last trip. Our kids are growing up and out and who knows what may come in the next few years.

Disney World is part of what I love about our country. Where else could a man be told he had no imagination only to go on to Imagineer one of the most favored amusement parks of all time? Only in America. Because America is the only place where with a little bit of ingenuity, a lot of hard work, and some well placed opportunities, can bring great things to many people. We love our rags to riches stories here in America. Or at least we used to.

I can’t stand to watch any of the cable news stations right now. They are all, on both political sides equally, doing their best to malign the opposition. It turns my stomach so I turn it off. Some may say that I must be informed, but I see very little truth in what is being said by those who purport to report the truth. Oh, it’s some version of the truth, but there’s so much propaganda mixed in, who knows really? I can also hardly stand to check my Facebook page anymore. I have friends whom I love, on both sides of the aisle, trying ceaselessly to sway people to vote their way. Can I just say that posting something political to a Facebook page likely never changed anyone’s mind, ever?

While countless people are suffering both here and abroad, political parties are spending millions of dollars to promote themselves. We might as well strike a match to those funds. I understand the political process in this country and what it takes to get elected here… I just think it’s mostly shameful.

We have just over forty days before we head to the polls to vote for the next leader of the free world. What if we just stop? What if we stop all the talking, arguing, and bashing of people we don’t even know, and start talking to the One we do? What if we pray for His leadership in this country? What if we ask Him whom we should cast our ballots for- and then do what He says? Forget what’s in it for you. This is no longer about you. This is about a country that was given special favor by God, and a country that desperately needs it again. Look around. The world is in chaos. Can we really do this without Him? (And all the foolish people said, “Yes we can!”… Okay. That was a joke. Come on. That was a little funny…)

He once allowed Israel to choose their own king. They didn’t quite understand or accept that He wanted to be their king. They wanted one with skin on. So after much pleading, He allowed them to have a king. They wanted Saul. Go read about King Saul. It didn’t turn out so very well. God chose David. A much better choice. Not a perfect man, but one after God’s own heart.

We don’t have a king here in America. We have a duly elected President. But we should have a King. Above every human leader in this great country of ours should sit our Creator, to be worshipped, feared, and sought out for direction. While every vote counts (sort of) in this country, it is His vote that matters most. Have we asked Him yet who should be President? Is He still our King?

Yes, I’m going to go back to Disney with my family. Maybe for the last time. My daughter did remind me though, that I have said before in the past that those trips might be our last. Who knows, Matthew and I might be hauling grandkids to Disney one day. I’m going to enjoy saying “goodbye” to this crazy mixed up mess we are in right now for a few days. But I will be praying every day in Orlando, and every other day for God to be our King. For Him to appoint and anoint the next leader of these great United States. And for God to draw our hearts near to His so that we can follow his lead as we vote this November. It’s a Small World, After All.

So what do you think?

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