God’s Favor is All Over You

It was my day off, but I had somewhere to be early that morning, so I was getting ready along with the kids as they got ready for school. As I was putting on my makeup, I heard it. It was the distinct sound of dishes being loaded into the dishwasher. It’s an unmistakable sound. I listened intently for the sound again. In a few seconds I heard it. I knew my husband had left for work already, so it wasn’t him. My oldest two kids weren’t up yet and my daughter was shut up in her room getting ready. Most likely, she was on her third or fourth outfit of the day.

That left the youngest. Evan. I tip toed to the kitchen door and looked in. Sure enough, ready for school, there he was loading the dishwasher! He must have heard me because after a moment he looked over his shoulder at me and smiled. Then he continued on with his task.

He’s been really helpful like that for a few days now. Offering to help me do this or that. Asking if there’s anything he can do for me, not complaining when I tell him it’s time for a shower. Things like that. One might think its another Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but no. It’s really Evan. Only it’s a motivated Evan.

He’s trying to earn money to buy a certain toy he’s got his eye on. We don’t give our kids an allowance as a general rule. We feel like chores are just a part of being a part of a family. But on certain occasions Evan knows if he goes way above and beyond the call of duty, he’ll gain my favor, and I’ll reward him with some of the green stuff.

I do the same thing with God sometimes. There are times when I want God to do something in my life. Maybe I need him to provide money to pay bills, or open a door of opportunity. Maybe I want him to work in a friend or family member’s life, or come to my rescue when I’ve really screwed up.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. When I really need to hear from the Lord, or I need him to move in my life, I get real good at “being Christian”. I talk to Him more. I read the Bible more. I worship Him louder and mind my p’s and q’s. It’s all a desperate attempt to get His attention, and gain his favor. To get what I want from him.

What we forget sometimes is that we already have God’s favor. We think that by being “extra Christian” He’ll take notice of how good we are being and reward us, give us what we want. Doing the things that we hope impress God only serve to benefit our relationship with him, apart from our immediate need. So how does one get more favor from God? He’s already met our most urgent and primary need. He gave us a Savior and He restored our broken relationship. The answer is, we can’t get more favor than that.

My son has worked really hard for his reward, and I will honor his effort and buy him the toy he wants. He has managed to work his way into my good graces! Yet the truth is, we cannot work our way into God’s good graces. Not one bit. Jesus did that for us. What we can work on is our relationship with Him. Then we will learn better how much we can trust Him to meet the needs we have and some of the wants we have. I love to give my children the things they want, as long as the things they want are good for them. How much more then, does God love to bless us in the same way?

God could not favor you more than he does right now. Go ahead, lean into Him, talk to Him, and listen to Him. You’ll see. His favor is all over you.

One thought on “God’s Favor is All Over You

  1. Great example of how we gain favor with each other but that we don’t need to do anything to gain favor with God because we have all His favor already. Excellent comparison. Thanks for sharing.

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