What’s Your Personality Type?

I have an uncanny ability to ignore things that most people find hard to tolerate. I am a mother of four. This should explain this unique ability. For example, my twelve-year-old son is even now, in this very moment, having a drum lesson in the next room. Only a door separates me from all that beating.

My husband will often complain about noise in our house that, until he mentioned it, I had not even been aware of. It’s a definite gift.

We all have unique talents and abilities. Hopefully yours are more important than my ability to ignore generally annoying things. We have all been given unique personality traits, too. I was recently asked to take a personality test. It’s not the first time. Over the years, because of different things Matthew and I have been involved in, I have been tested for my personality type several times. One such test left me feeling quite like a gutted science class frog pinned to a dissecting tray. This test was so detailed and the results so eerily accurate that they creeped me out a bit.

The test I most recently took at work was quite a bit less invasive, but still pretty spot on. It’s the DISC assessment tool. Perhaps you have been asked to take it. If you go through the membership classes at my church you will have the opportunity to take an abbreviated version. In addition to taking a test to figure out what your spiritual gifts are, the church also wants to know how you will fit in best in your area of service. Knowing a person’s personality type helps in this.

I was and still am an I/S on the DISC assessment. I am an Influence/Steadiness personality type. When I read the description of an I/S, it does describe me pretty well. One sentence in the evaluation reads, “Looking good and encouraging others is important to them, as is following through and being obedient.” Looking good is important to them…?  Okay, it’s true. It also says that I am disorganized, so while I do like to look good, I often can’t find the shoes I want to wear. It also says I am witty… and that I love people and care more about them than the particular task at hand. Guilty as charged

I agree that it helps to know yourself and others in this way. My husband is a high D. He is dominant, direct, task oriented, decisive, organized, outgoing and outspoken. He always knows where HIS shoes are, and he often knows where mine are, too.

While we all can fit into some general category with regard to our personalities, we are all made completely unique. There is no other you and there is no other me, either.

Ephesians 2:10 says, “We are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them.”

God has prepared some things that only you can do, and He has created you with uniqueness to accomplish them. You are the way you are by design. There was intent in creating you the way you are. Learning more about yourself can only serve to help you accomplish all that is set before you by God to do. You can build to your strengths and shore up your weaknesses by surrounding yourself with people who have different giftedness. It’s all a part of being a part of one body. As a part of the Body of Christ, we all have a role to play. Understanding ourselves and each other can help us play well together.

So what do you think?

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