There’s Got to Be More This Easter

I love Easter. I really do. But most years I am left wanting more. I tried to explain this wanting to some friends of mine, and they didn’t quite understand. What could be added to a great church service and time spent with family to make a great Easter… better?

It’s not that I want to fill up the time with more activity. I don’t want to decorate eggs and participate in egg hunts. Thank God we are past all that in our house. Oh, it was fine when we were in that stage, but we aren’t now, and I am glad of it.

I don’t want to attend more church services, or fill up my time with more commitments. I just want more…. Jesus, I guess. It’s just that there is so much build up to the celebration of the event, and it’s over so quickly, that I am often let down. I want more.

What Jesus went through for me (and you) was unspeakable. At least it’s mostly unspeakable for me. I don’t like to speak of what he went through. It was horrible, and to talk about it out loud makes me cringe. It makes me feel guilty. It was inhumane. We wouldn’t put an animal through what Jesus went through for us. It was so bad, we mostly choose not to think of it at all except on one day of the year we have oddly chosen to call “Good Friday”. Good? I don’t think so.

So Jesus endures all those unspeakable things for me, (and you) does what only Jesus could and would do for me (and you), slays the enemy, conquers death, comes back to life and lives triumphant so that I (and you) can live! And the only time I have to celebrate it is an hour or so on Sunday where, admittedly, I will get to participate in one of the greatest celebrations this side of heaven, (but only for an hour or so) and then go eat ham and fixins with my extended family. And that’s it. Done until next year.

Forgive me for feeling a little let down. Forgive me for wanting more. Neighbors… forgive me for today BLASTING Natalie Grant’s ALIVE until the rafters shake and the squirrels run for shelter!

I WANT MORE! I want Jesus to know that what he did for me does not go unnoticed today, tomorrow on Easter, or on any other day of my life. I am forever changed because he chose to take my punishment, to pay my debt, to die in my place.

I could not live a sinless life, or conquer death to live forever. I owe my eternity to Jesus, and I am consumed with gratitude today and every day. I don’t want more Easter, I want more Jesus.

So what do you think?

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