He Will Do Anything

One of my favorite books is by Ted Dekker. Its called Martyr’s Song. A close second to this one is called Heaven’s Wager, also by Dekker. The books are different stories but they are related. What I love the most about the books is the idea that God will do anything to reach his lost sheep. Anything. What will God do to reach you?


Another theme in the books is the idea that if you open yourself completely up, you just might have vision. What kind of vision? The kind of vision that pulls back the veil of time and space and gives you a peek into eternity. How cool would that be? Pretty cool, I think.


I want to see like that. I want to really see. Sometimes during worship at my church I think he might just peel back the ceiling of our auditorium and let us see the angels looking down. Do I believe God does that? Do I believe God would pull back the veil and let this child see a glimpse of eternity? I think God could do what he wants, but I’m not sure he’d really do that.


But there are times when he does let us see things. We just have to have the eyes to see. I know, we all have eyes, but we can’t all see. I love to see God doing things. I love to see him MOVING. I ask him sometimes to let me see him moving. To let me see things happen that could only happen if he made them happen. I want to see the kinds of things that cause jaws to drop and faith to grow. I want to see the things of Romans 8:28 that we all love to quote in faith. When we don’t understand our circumstances, but we want to believe he is working in them anyway, and we quote the verse because we have little else to hold onto. No, I want to see it. I want to have vision.

This week, I saw. I saw in retrospect how God moved in the lives of three people across three states to affect a fourth person that was known only to one. I saw how over a span of seven years, God began orchestrating a rescue he knew would be needed this week. I saw how he weaved the lives of three different women together in completely different circumstances to cause paths to cross and situations to merge to culminate in someone learning how much they matter to Jesus now.


And I laughed. Out loud. I couldn’t help it. Maybe that’s the joy of the Lord. I don’t know. I didn’t get to see into eternity, but I did get to see the real life workings of God this week. I saw how he had worked the fabric of my life into the lives of two other women who love him in order to affect one of his lost sheep. What will he do to reach his lost sheep? Anything.

So what do you think?

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