The Redefining of Marriage in America

It’s a new day in the United States of America. For the first time in recorded national US history, in the eyes of the law, people of the same sex can get married. The US Supreme Court, the highest court in our grand land, decided by a narrow margin to say to the world, it’s okay. This is okay. We lit up the White House last night in a rainbow of colors to show support of this most monumental occasion.635709522838365094-AFP-542062575-74107136

I think of my grandfather, long gone now, and what he would say if he could come back and I were to tell him about this new turn of events. He’d say, “Well, I’ve never heard of such. A man wants to marry a man?” Those days are gone. This is a new America. A more accepting, less judgmental, forward thinking, progressive America than my grandfather knew.

And what of those, like say- Christians, who find this decision offensive and wrong? What if all they read in the truths of the scriptures leads them to find this is actually not okay according to God’s word? Well, they have been told that the law of the land will prevail over those ancient documents. Words written so long ago that they can in no way hold any real relevance to the situations societies face today. Anyone holding to those ancient ideas need only to set those aside and listen to intelligent reason to understand that the time has come for a new way of thinking. We must be inclusive and accepting of these new ideas.

New ideas? I don’t think so.

My daughter has some friends who are not Christ followers, but they like my daughter because she accepts them for who they are. They think that she is not judgmental and close-minded like most Christians they have met. It’s true. Laura is very accepting of others. She will rarely point a finger at them in judgment. What they don’t know is that Laura has an agenda. She loves them where they are, but she hopes to lead them to a better place in time.

We talked about her friends and how they think all Christians apart from Laura are judgmental and closed-minded. I told Laura that her friends are right. As Christians, we are those things. We judge the actions of ourselves and others based on the measure of scripture. How else are we able to tell if our actions and actions of others honor God? We are also very closed-minded. We believe what the holy scriptures teach us, and we do not add to nor do we take away from the lessons they contain. It is true, our minds are closed to the teachings that fall outside the truths of God’s holy word. Yes, we are very closed-minded.

It’s why most Christians are having such a hard time with this latest Supreme Court edict. The court has clearly stepped way out of the bounds of scripture in redefining marriage to allow those of the same sex to marry. It is a sad day to me when men think they can, in essence, tell God he is wrong. “You may have gotten many things right, Big Guy, but not this one. You quite missed the mark here. And we’ll just take that rainbow, too, if you don’t mind.”

Marriage is a gift from God, given to his children to illustrate the love he has for his church. Marriage came from God in order that we might grasp a bit of understanding concerning the intimacy he desires to have, spiritually, with us. A man and a woman were designed by God to fit hand in glove. It is perfection. He designed it to work his way. Whether or not I think my male friend should be able to marry their male significant other does not matter. I don’t have to like truth for it to be true. Who am I to say who can love whom? Well, I didn’t design love either. God did.

The truth is, marriage is not ours to define. It is now legal in this country for two men or two women to join together in a legal contract of marriage. It is a civil union bound only by a paper contract. I can be civilly united to anyone, for most any reason. The law will join us, and the law will have to fairly divide us should the partnership not work out for some reason.

A marriage is something wholly different. A marriage is a covenant between a man and a woman- who also join legally together, but with the added presence of God to make it something more. When God is in it, it becomes a covenant. Contracts can be dissolved easily enough. A covenant with God is something different. When a man and woman join together in holy matrimony, a spiritual binding takes place. Just ask anyone who has endeavored to sever that binding, and they will tell of the pain involved in doing so. To tear apart a covenant is akin to ripping flesh. And for the record, a man and a woman can also go to a Justice of the Peace and be joined civilly. If God is not present in the joining, that’s not a covenant either.

Our White House was lit up like a rainbow last night. My cynical nature had me laughing about that one. You see, the rainbow is God’s, too. It’s been hijacked, but it is still His. It is a reminder that His promises are true. 

The louder minority in America is crying that it’s a new day, and uninformed, brainwashed Christians just might as well get on board.

The heartbreaking reality is there are so many people, nice people, caught up in this deception. They want acceptance and love so much they are willing to grasp at a lie to get it. They want peace. But they are looking for it in the wrong places.

They can call it marriage, but it’s not marriage.

So what do you think?

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