God is Working

The forecast was for possible snow. Maybe up to an inch, probably less. No one was forecasting travel issues, but with Snowmageddon of 2014  still fresh enough on everyone’s mind, no one in the South would be taking any chances.

Highway 280 in Birmingham, Alabama on January 28, 2014
She knew, as a home health professional, the smart thing to do that day would be to see the patients who lived out the farthest first, and work her way back to the ones closer to home, the opposite of her normal path. She made the calls to her patients, informing them of the altered schedule. She worked quickly through the day to avoid being on the road when the bad weather hit.

The last patient of the day, which would have been her first on any other day, didn’t seem quite like usual. They seemed nervous, edgy. There was nothing really specific she could find wrong during her assessment, but something was off. She felt it. She made the decision to call for an ambulance. She tried to contact the patient’s daughter, but could not reach her. Instead, she packed a bag with a few things for the patient, helped them get a coat on, and waited for help to arrive.

A few days later, she got a call from her patient. As it turned out, they had been having a heart attack and was told if they had been alone at home at the time, would have died there. The patient was overwhelmed with gratitude.

I heard this story and it confirmed something once again for me.

God is working on a solution to our problem before we even know there is a problem.

No one knew that this home health professional would arrange to see the patient at a different time that day because of the snow threat, but God knew. No one knew that the patient would suffer a heart attack that day. No one, but God.

Can I go so far as to say that God sent that snow threat in order to make sure that woman would get the help she needed when she needed it? Maybe that’s going too far… who knows?

Sometimes we read Romans 8:28 and it sounds like a platitude. It sounds like something that might be true for others, but we don’t always believe it for ourselves… especially if we are in the midst of trouble, and the ground beneath us begins to shift.

A few years ago, I was going through a time when I wasn’t too sure that Romans 8:28 really applied to me. I felt a lot like the Israelites must have felt in their 400 years of captivity before Moses showed up to take them to freedom. During that time, my husband bought me a sign that said,

“Good Morning. This is God. I will be handling all of your problems today.”

In time, my Moses did come. I was able to finally see what God had been doing all along to meet my need, and He rescued me. But I still hold on to that sign. I read it every day to remind me that Romans 8:28 was, indeed, written for me. th.jpg

God is able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine. He is the master Weaver, and when we can’t see a way, He is busy weaving the strands of our goofed up lives into a world class tapestry. It’s all quite remarkable.




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