Our Kids Win

Each month, on the second Wednesday night of the month, I stand in an auditorium filled with more than 2,000 teenagers, and witness worship like I never saw it as a teenager.


It is truly incredible, this worship these young believers give up to the Father. It inspires me, and at the same time I understand that this phenomenon is not without purpose.

Before too much longer, these same kids will be in the distinct minority in this country. They will be labeled as non-progressive, uniformed, ignorant, intolerant and unloving. The freedom to practice our faith without limit will not be available to them, not because of any change to the Constitution, but because of the change to our society. It will steadily grow more difficult for Christians to openly practice their faith without ridicule. It will be costly to live and do business, and still publicly abide by biblical standards. We are seeing this begin already.

Many would say that it is my generation’s fault for allowing our Christian liberties to be taken from us. Others will blame my parent’s generation for indulging their children too much. In all honesty, my generation has not had to fight for much.

The Bible is being cast aside as if it is not the ultimate authority on everything. I can remember when the Bible was held in high esteem by even the most apathetic of people. Now those who prefer to live outside its guidelines want to paint as villains those who live within them.

The issues in play now are not even the grey areas of scripture. The devil’s advocates are going for the gusto now. They don’t care that their targets are the clearly defined moral guidelines in scripture. They are attacking the very structure of a healthy society. To what end? Have they not seen what happens when you attack and destroy the moral fiber of a society? Ruin. That’s what happens. Look at me, the eternal optimist, sounding all doomsday!

I know this feels like completely depressing stuff. It’s not that I am trying to cast a shadow on your day, but the reality is, there was nothing that my generation, or my parent’s generation, could have done to stop it. That should make us feel a bit better, right? We all want absolution. The truth is, the earth has been spinning out of control since the fall of man. The spinning is just picking up a bit the closer we get to the triumphant return of Jesus.

So yes. Our kids are going to have it tough. But when I watch them in worship, I know they are being prepared and it fills me with joy. For many, their faith is strong, and they will stand much stronger than we would have at their age.

They will learn what it means to live in the minority, but if they can stand, they will stand victorious with the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

These days are really pretty exciting. To live during a time when so many prophecies are coming to pass is truly incredible. Scripture says in the last days there will be a great awakening and many will come to Christ during that time. These kids, our kids, will do that amazing work, and they will do it well.

So while people are arguing over who can use which bathroom, who can marry whom, who can decide they don’t like what sex they really are, and why can’t pedophilia be considered a sexual orientation, (Honestly, I don’t make this stuff up) these kids are going to be ready for the trumpet sound and the return of the King. They are going to run their race no matter what, and they are going to fight the good fight.

As parents and mentors to this generation, the best we can offer them is sound teaching to equip them and prayer to strengthen them. They need to learn that to suffer for Christ is to share in His victory. And we need to under-gird them with prayer that has real teeth. Not these wimpy little, “as I lay me down to sleep” prayers. Their fight is not with flesh and blood, but with principalities in a world we cannot see, but a world that is more real than the reality we can see. (Eph. 6:12)


In the book, Heaven is for Real, the little hero of the story tells his father what his role will be in last Great War. You know, Armageddon?  In truth, it frightened the dad a bit. But the little boy told his dad, “Don’t be afraid, dad. You win.”

We may be frightened, too, of what the world is coming to, but if we believe, we know. It’s coming to Jesus… once and for all. And that’s great news. So don’t be afraid, our kids win.

So what do you think?

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