One Liners

I love one liners. Probably because that’s the best my brain can hold onto most days. One of my favorites lately is from the movie, Gifted.

“I thought I taught you to never get on the bad side of small minded people who have a little authority”.

(I’m thinking of Homeowner’s Association board members)

My mother had one that I love, and that also made me think she was a little bit crazy. Whenever I was concerned about someone being upset with me she’d say, “If they kill you, they can’t eat you” which I have just recently decided is a messy translation of a verse in 1 Peter, Chapter 3. No wonder I always felt better when she said it. The Bible according to Bonnie.

Another one of my all-time favorites was spoken years ago by my son, Ryan, who was trying to teach his little brother, Evan, to properly throw a Frisbee. Ryan said, “Aim at my head!” While this was good advice for Frisbee throwing, I do wish there had been a good one liner for Evan with regard to catching a Frisbee. Very shortly after that, Evan had his front tooth knocked out when he unintentionally caught a Frisbee with his mouth.

But just this week, I have a new favorite one liner. I was binge watching the latest season of Madam Secretary on Netflix and there it was. Get this… it is one liner G O L D.

“I want to slay dragons; I don’t want to play Whack-a-Mole with evil.”

whack_a_mole.jpgBe still my heart! I nearly fell off the couch trying to reach my phone so I could write that one down! I mean it SPOKE to me.

Does that ever happen to you? It’s that chord that gets struck deep inside, and you know that line was for you.

I want to do significant things in my life. And since I have likely stepped over the halfway mark of my time on this spinning blue ball, I feel the need to get on with it. For a while now, my focus has been on raising stellar children. Well, the light is now appearing at the end of that tunnel, so Matthew and I are looking forward and asking, “What’s next?”

I think most of us get to this point in the journey and think… I want to do BIG things. I don’t want to merely swim around in my petty problems and temporary struggles.

I want my life to count for something significant. I don’t want to live a life of hit or miss in my fight against the evil one. I want to land punches! I want to wield my sword, and I want to slay dragons!

But what does that look like, really? I can’t exactly show up to my workplace brandishing a sword and speaking in Old English prose, can I? (Can I?) The dragons we face are not the tangible kind. It would be so much easier if they were. At least we’d be able to adequately size up our opponent and pull together an offensive to defeat him. It can get a bit tricky to fight a foe we cannot see with our eyes.


I get weary of playing what looks like a losing game of Whack-a-Mole with the enemy. Sometimes I land a hit, and other times my efforts are too little, too late. I want to make significant advances for the Kingdom of God. I want to take back territory that has been stolen.

One of my favorite one liners from the Bible was spoken by Mary, the mother of Jesus. You can read the full account in John, Chapter 2, but basically Jesus and Mary are attending a wedding, and the host has run out of wine. The long and short of it is Mary gets Jesus to remedy the issue. He is reluctant, but He honors his mother. Here’s the one liner I’m talking about. She looks at the servants standing nearby and says, “Do whatever he tells you to do”.

BAM. Quite possibly the best one liner of all time!

If we want our lives to count for something. If we want to slay dragons and advance the Kingdom of God here on the earth. If we want to accomplish anything that is worth anything, we must:

Do whatever He tells us to do!



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