About the Author


I’ve been a nurse for almost three decades now, but what I truly love to do most doesn’t pay me any money. I have been blessed to be married to a minister for twenty-nine years. I’ve seen and experienced up close what real life change is for myself and others through following Jesus Christ. Our family serves a dynamic church in Birmingham, Alabama called Church of the Highlands , and an amazing ministry school, Highlands College.

I am blessed with the opportunity to serve as an adjunct professor of Sociology at Highlands College as we prepare young ministers to lead the church forward as the Lord ushers in His Kingdom here on earth!

Writing is my secret passion. Mostly I write about everyday epiphanies. Those moments in the shower (it’s surprising how often God wants to talk to us in the shower), or in conversations, or in the midst of living life that God taps me on the shoulder, and suggests I get a clue. Sometimes I actually do, and when I do, I try to write it down so I won’t forget it. Cracked Pot Pieces is an outpouring of those moments when I draw a little closer to God.

I hope you find yourself identifying with the posts as you read them here. We can and need to walk this life together, and follow after the God who loves us like crazy. I hope what’s written here helps you do that, and I hope you feel free to join the conversation and share your thoughts, too… After all, iron sharpens iron!

Grace to you… and peace,