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Chick-fil-a Appreciation Day… Skip it

I’m posting my Wednesday blog on Tuesday because I wanted to ask all of my Christian friends not to eat at Chick-fil-a tomorrow. That’s not a typo. I would like for you to avoid Chick-fil-a Day tomorrow. In case you haven’t heard, (and if you haven’t, where have you been?) tomorrow has been dubbed by former governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee, as Chick-fil-a Appreciation Day. Normally, since I have two kids who work there, I’d be all for a Chick-fil-a Appreciation Day, but under the circumstances, not so much.

The company’s president recently, and very publically, made his opinion of same sex marriage known. Mr. Cathy believes in the Biblical truths about marriage. I do, too. If you have an issue with the current definition of marriage, perhaps you should take it up with the One who created and defined it in the first place. Go ahead. I will stand way…. over…. …here.

And in the words of Andy Stanley, “Most of the people who have a problem with traditional marriage came into this world as a result of one.” The man has a point.

I support Mr. Cathy’s right to speak his opinion. I do not support the motivation that has birthed CFA Day. I love the church, but sometimes well-meaning members of the body get it wrong. So many are all about boycotting this company or that one based on ideas or organizations they support that oppose long held religious beliefs they have. Get them in the wallet, right? Make them feel it in their bank account, and maybe they’ll change their practices. (Insert crossed arms and a huff here.)

This time those Christians who support CFA Day tomorrow are doing so in order to stick it to the ones who have come out against what Mr. Cathy said. It’s all about making a statement. I’m not sure that’s the statement Scripture would have us make.

As the church, we should try to avoid doing things that will further separate us from those we are supposed to be reaching with the love of Christ. Why should we expect non-Christians to behave like believers? Why are we always wagging our finger in the faces of non-believers? Is it an attempt to elevate ourselves? The only people Jesus ever wagged his finger at were holier-than-thou religious folks. Sinners? Now sinners, he met for dinner. The only time Jesus ever lost His temper was at church. Even then, the church was getting it wrong.

We aren’t supposed to get “them” in their wallets. We are supposed to get them in their hearts. Supporting CFA Day tomorrow will only serve to shake a wagging finger of judgment in their faces. We may not like their views; we may not like what they are saying about CFA or its president and his views (or his right to say what he said), but its “them” we are called to love. While we never want to compromise our Biblical beliefs, neither do we want to alienate those we are so desperately trying to reach. It is not an either/or. It never is.

My son has to work tomorrow. I am sure he will be drowning in all the piety. I’m pretty sure even Jesus wouldn’t eat at Chick-fil-a tomorrow. Why would He? Jesus would be with the downtrodden, broken, and hurting. Jesus would be having lunch with a lost person drowning in their sin and offering them grace. Just ask Zacchaeus.

CFA Day will only serve to put a wider wedge between the church and those we are charged with loving. And yes, we are charged with loving the gay community. So you want to make a point? You want to see change? Then pray. And love. And reach out. See God change hearts, because in the end, He is the only one who can.

And go have Chick-fil-a on Thursday. Twice. My kids need the money.